Wado ryu is translated as “the way of the harmony”.  This style of karate is a mix of Japanese jujitsu and Okinawan karate founded by Hironori Otsuka. Because of this foundation on different concepts from different martial arts, this karate style presents special characteristics.

The main principles of Wado ryu karate according to Yoshihiko Iwasaki are:

  • Disconnect your power: technique must move from power to no power.
  • Defense uses jujitsu principles
    • Nagashi: parry attack.
    • Inasu: deflect attack.
    • Noru: enter opponent kamae.
  • Attack uses basic techniques from karate.
  • Tai-Sabaki: whole body movement.
  • Ai-Nuki: not to crash with the opponent.

Wado ryu also presents differences in stances and power delivery in respect to other karate styles. These differences are derived from footwork, using more the ball of the foot than the heel while moving.

Several kata are trained in each school but OtsukaSensei only provided details on execution of nine kata declared as official for Wado ryu karate:

  1. Pinan Shodan
  2. Pinan Nidan
  3. Pinan Sandan
  4. Pinan Yondan
  5. Pinan Godan
  6. Kūsankū,
  7. Naihanchi
  8. Chintō
  9. Seishan

Wado ryu also trains Nihon kumite and participate in karate kumite tournaments.

Hironori Otsuka Sensei demo video performing different techniques against unarmed and armed opponents.

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